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More Inns are added to the website all the time
These are the New Entries added in November
The Inn on Loch Lomond Inverberg, Argyll,
Chequers Inn Wooburn Common, Beaconsfield,
Annie Mays Skibberrren, Co Cork
Molesworth Arms Hotel Wadebridge, Cornwall
Queens Head Inn Tirril, Penrith, Cumbria
Graham Arms Hotel
 Longtown, Carlisle, Cumbria
White Lion Inn Patterdale, Penrith, Cumbria
Guildhall Tavern Denbigh, Denbighshire, Clwyd
The New Inn Clovelly, Near Bideford Devon
The Castle Inn Lydford, Okehampton Devon
Cashmoor Inn Cashmoor, Blandford forum, Dorset
The Inn for All Seasons The Barringtons, Burford,
The Red Lion Hotel Bredwardine, Herefordshire
Millstone at Mellor Mellor, Blackburn, Lancashire
The Crown at Worthington Worthington, Wigan, The White Hart Lydgate, Oldham, Lancashire
The Red Lion Whitworth, Rochdale, Lancashire
The Dog and Fox Wimbledon, London
The Fusilier Inn Sudbury, Wembley, Middlesex
The Saracen's Head Wolterton, Erpingham, Norfolk
The Blue Boar Inn Great Ryburgh, Fakenham, The Rose and Crown Snettisham, Kings Lynn, Norfolk
The Three Horseshoes Warham All Saints, Norfolk
The Grantham Arms Milby, Boroughbridge,Yorks The Angel Inn Topcliffe, Thirsk, North Yorkshire
The Windmill Inn Badby, Daventry, Northants
The Seahorse Blyth, Northumberland
The White Horse Inn Clun, Shropshire
The Natterjack Inn Evercreech, Shepton Mallet
The Angel Inn Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk
The Four Horseshoes Thornham Magna, Suffolk
The Fox & Hounds Inn Great Wolford, Warwick
Howard Arms Ilmington, Warwickshire
The Red Lion Inn Long Compton, Shipston/Stour
The Red Lyon Slinfold, Billingshurst, West Sussex
Oakwell Motel Birstall, Batley, West Yorkshire
The Woodbridge Inn North Newnton, Wiltshire
What is the difference between a Pub, Tavern or Inn? 
The Editor does some research 

It was the sort of day you didn’t want to work. The sun was shining and the office was hot. Sitting at my desk I could see across the street to the open door of "The Frog and Ferret Public House" I began thinking of the pints of Old Frothy I would soon be enjoying when all of a sudden, BANG! The office door crashed open and in stomped Hilda. “So you think you know what a pub is then, do you?” she cackled, “Ok then clever dick, what’s the difference between Pubs, Taverns, Inns, and Hostelries?” just as abruptly she left.

Hilda is a very strange woman she likes to see everyone happy except me. Her question had never occurred to me before; I’m not even sure why she asked me. I have never cared what a pub is called; all that matters is that it sells good beer. But curiosity got the better of me and to show Hilda how useful and resourceful I could be. I decided to investigate, I reasoned the best place to find out the definition of these ancient words would be to look in the old trusty office dictionary. This is what I found ....

Dictionary Definition 
Pub (pub)  n. (colloq) public-house n. inn, or tavern for sale of alcoholic liquors for consumption on premises  
Inn(in) n. a house that provides lodging accommodation for travellers; 
a hotel.  
Tavern(tav’-ern)  n. licensed house for sale of liquor; inn; hostelry  
[L. taberna, booth].  
Hostelry  (hos’telry) n. an inn derived from [L. hospes, a host or guest] 

Al2 1BL Colney Fox

Ok, so what did the dictionary tell me? 
A pub is an inn or tavern that sells liquor to the public 
An inn is a hotel that provides accommodation, 
A tavern sells booze and is an inn or hostelry 
And a hostelry is an inn! 

Well that seems quite straightforward to a twisted mind !

The only trouble is, it’s wrong! Most pubs are called Inns, Taverns and Hotels yet most don’t offer accommodation. In fact only about 8% of all Public Houses in Britain have any sort of accommodation. This means there are 92% who will be less than helpful when the tired traveller comes along looking for shelter, to be fair the confusion is caused by tradition. Inns and Taverns did originally offer lodgings, but as times changed most publicans concentrated on their drink trade and accommodation was largely forgotten. The names of the pubs however often stayed the same.

Nowadays the only really sure way of knowing if an Inn offers accommodation is to ask. Unfortunately contacting 60,000 Pubs scattered across the whole of Great Britain can be a very time consuming business, but now, thanks to pub passionate people like Hilda things are a lot easier. The traveller no longer has to contact hundreds of pubs or worry whether a pub is called an inn, a tavern or an anything else, because Hilda will do it all for them.

Hilda spends all day phoning and contacting pubs, chatting to customers, questioning bar staff, harassing managers and finding out as much as she can about Inns, Taverns, Hostelries and Pubs. If Hilda has entered a pub in the guide you can bet your life she has talked to someone at the pub and it will (or did at the time) offer accommodation. And why does Hilda do all this? She says it gives her a warm glow just to know she has helped a tired traveller to bide awhile, relax and rest his or her weary head….If only she could feel the same about me when I feel the need for a quiet moment.

Dave Cromack 

This article first appeared in the "2007 Stay in a Pub Guide Book" 

Pub Games-My Story. 
One evening on my way home, I nipped into my local for a couple of pints of best bitter. I noticed George, who is the captain of the pub’s dart team, looking a bit concerned. “What’s up George?” I said casually, although I guessed what the problem might be. “Mike can’t make the match tonight” he replied glumly “ the team is going to be one person short. You don’t fancy a game tonight do you Dave?” Normally I would have jumped at the chance to spend a night in the pub playing darts, but tonight I had to decline. “Sorry” I said “I have already arranged to go to the pictures with my wife” but I added “Why don’t you ask that chap over there?” George looked down the bar towards the man sitting alone at the end of the bar. “Do you know him?” he asked, “No” I said “I have never seen him in here before, but you never know he might help you out, he can only say No”
It turned out the chap’s name was Ron. He was working locally and had booked into the pub for a couple of nights.
He agreed to play that night and saved the team from forfeiting any league points. Ron is now quite a regular in the bar; every time he is working in this area he stays at the pub and has come to know the locals and has made many friends. 
This may seem an unusual occurrence, but in fact this sort of thing happens all the time. Pub games are one of the best ways of breaking the ice and meeting new people. For those of you who wouldn’t know your Dartboard from your Pool cue, but who nevertheless would like to join in, I have listed some of the games that are played in the pubs today. I have also included some of the more common rules. Be careful with the rules however, as these do tend to change from area to area. 



This is played on a numbered dartboard with a double score outer ring and a treble score inner ring, it also has an outer bulls eye (score 25) and an inner bulls eye which is worth double 25 (50). 
The most common game of darts is called 501. The object of this game is to score exactly 501 points; Players take it in turns to throw their (3) darts. A player must finish on a double score to win. For example if a player scores 499 throughout the game, he/she is left with just 2 more points to score. The only way to do this and win the game would be to score Double 1. Or, another example would be, if a player has scored 401 throughout the game he/she could win the game by scoring treble 20 (60) and then double 20 (40) to achieve the final 100. You do not need to throw all your darts on the final throw. 
The line you throw from is usually about 7 foot 9 inches from the dartboard. This line is called The Oche, pronounced Okee (The O is soft as in Office) 
Most of the pubs Britain that have a pool table play 8-ball pool. This game consists of the cue ball and 15 object balls.
The 15 balls usually consist of 7 red balls, 7 yellow balls and a black 8 ball. The idea of the game is to legally pot one set of balls and finally the black ball to win the game.
Be very careful and familiarise yourself with the local rules, as every area of the country seems to have a different interpretation of this game.
Crib is a fairly complicated card game. Players record their scores on a pegboard, the first player to go round the pegboard twice wins. There are 2 ways of gaining points. 
1. A player may gain points when playing his cards. This is called pegging. For example if an opposing player lays down a 4 of clubs and you lay down a 4 of any other suit you would gain 2 points, if however your opponent then laid another 4 of any suit he/she would be awarded 6 points. A fourth consecutive card of a kind would gain 12 points. There are many other ways of scoring (pegging) including runs, last card and causing the laid cards to add up to 15. For example your opponent lays down a 9 if you then laid a 6 you would gain 2 points. 
2. The second way of scoring is to add up the points in your hand. This is fairly similar to pegging. The points are scored by pairs, 3 or 4 of a kind, runs, counting the number of times you can make 15 etc. 
If you have never played crib before and someone approaches you in the bar and asks “would you like to make up a team for crib” My advice is to develop a sudden case of Bombay Belly and rush to the toilet. I have known people who have been learning crib for months and are still not be very good at it. If however you were asked to join in a friendly and casual game have a go, it’s fun. 
Playing Cards
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